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Story Updated and New One Added
Hey, I went ahead and added the next story. I wanted to get it on up because it takes so long to show up in the first place. It is called Heroes Unite, please go check it out and let me know what you think. I will not be adding anymore chapters to it, until The Heights Of Demon Love is complete. I hope no one gets angry over that, but the new story still has spoilers for the other one still in progress. Anyway, I hope you all like it and please review.

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Serina here^.^

Hello all!:D.I know yo'll don't care but I think I should say a few things:Ok.I don't care much about gammer.And I'm sorry if I blow up but
I hate these things=Yuske is pared with anyone but Keiko.When Kuwa is
bashed and when he Bashes Hiei.When Kurama and Hiei are not pared together.Things that make me sad:When anyone is hurt:The two things I
hate more than anything in the three worlds:Karasu and Karasuxanyone:
So sorry for taking your time.and to you Karasu Lovers I am sorry but
I hate him more than Anything in the three worlds.So Ja ne.Serina^.^

I'm afriad to say i am very much like that too. Hiei and kurama always has to be together. I think what I hate the most though is a story with a mary sue character that one of them falls head over heals in love with after like five minutes. I can't stand them! I also don't like the death fics where one or both of them die. How can you have a love story when someone dies? But that could be just me. Karasu is a whole other story, he just gives me the creeps and I don't like him either. He is too touchy feelly to suit me, though I wouldn't mind seeing Hiei and Kurama all touchy feelly. *grins evilly*

Amen on the Mary Sue agenda! Hehe, mhmartini is writing a story- perhaps I should say satire?- involving Mary Sues, though I have yet to read it.

Ah, the death matter though- my first story that I deemed fit enough to post is a death fic, and an mpreg (I know not what your views on the latter is). First Hiei dies, and later on Kurama (you can guess why Kurama dies later, eh?)

Karasu- oh, come on, NOBODY, lest they be suicidal, would willingly pair up with the guy (well, unless it's a major AU, maybe [of which I am also guilty of ^_^]).

You're over at aff.net, aren't you?

Yey, I have read it and about laughed myself out of my chair. It is very good. I must say that I have to go back on the death comment, I have read your story The Wrong Turns & Detours of Love. I think I cried all the way through it, iy's so sad, but I did like it very much. I just hope you don't have a tragic ending for Was It Out of Pity?. I hope for an happy ending for this one since you have already done a death fic. Anyway, it's your story and end it the way you want, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now I have seen Karasuxanyone else fics, but I didn't venture to read them. Like I said before, I just don't like him. I have read AUs before I am readin this one over on fanfiction.net where Hiei and Kurama knew each other when they were little.Hina nad Shori (spelling?) are like best friends. Hiei's father dies and his mother, Hina, takes him and Yukina away for awhile. They come back and Hiei and Kurama meet all over again when they are teenagers. It's a pretty good story.

Yes, I am over on aff.net. Though over there I am known as yuyugirl4ever.

Re:Serina here!^.^

I'm so glad you agree.It's just so sad.But lately I've been having stage dreams and when I wake up I'm either crying or even this is weird but one time I woke up and I cuoldnt breath.Tome it was just so
sad my chest hurt.If you want to here the dream I'm thinking I might just put it on FF.net when I get an acount.Ja ne.Serina^.^!

I think you should, it could be a great story, you never know!

I have an acount!^.^

I have an acount on FF.net! I'm so excited!^.^Ja ne.Serina^.^!PS:My name is Serina Rose

Re: I have an acount!^.^

I'll go check it out.

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