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Stories: I am so bored right now!I am stuck on a couple of my stories that I am writing!. One of them is the sequel to T.H.O.D.L. I have fifteen chapters to it written out by hand, but can't get the thing to go where I want it to go. The other is a one shot I am working on for father's day and it will fit with my other stories. I know what I am having Hiei give Kurama, But I don't know what Kurama should give Hiei. I wanted something different, then the usual clother, sword, or boots. None of that would fit into my story at all.

I will be putting up the lemon chapter to the first day together, today! There is only two chapters to that story left, the lemon and the goodbye. I have been thinking about writing another story about Hiei when he is travling through the Makai, going after his gold and Kurama's treasure. I was also thinking of writing a oneshot for when he comes back. In fact there are a couple of more stories that will come after Heroes Unite that I have in mind for. Anyway, I'll write more soon hopefully.

Life: I live in Florida, Tampa to be precise. I went to Webster, Fla. yesterday with my mom. They have a huge flea market that is only open on Mondays. Now I know what most people will be thinking, but this flea market sells a lot of new items. We spent the day and just bought some shoes and vegetables. This was after driving like fifty miles, just to get there. We will probably going again next monday too. Oh well, at least I'm getting out of the house. Right? That's what's important! When I'm there, I'm always looking for anime stuff so it's not a total loss. Talk to everyone later, bye.

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