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First of the yaoi con pics!
I had a blast at my first Yaoi Con and I have the pictures to prove it. Here is ten pics and I'll try to add some more today. If you want to see them, just click on the link. :D

I love all the awesome weapons you can see at anime cons. :D

The impromptu cup contest!!

More Cups!!

Even more cups!!

This was the best Kakashi and Itachi of the con. By the way, the girl in the middle isn't me, but it was a good shot.

A snap shot of cosplayers that did skits for the cosplay contest.

Koi cosplay skit, The best cosplay group of the con. :)

More Koi skit. Their outfits were awesome as was the skit.

A threesome!!! :D

Itachi need i say more.......... Maybe I do. He had Sasuke's underwear in his pocket.

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Whoa! Nice pics, yeah.

I don't know if you remember but I emailed you a year ago because I really loved your Kurama and Hiei family fics. Glad to know you're also on lj.

Is it okay? I'm gonna go ahead and add you. Thanks. ^____^

Oh yes, that Kakashi is the hawtest one there - she's the Koi cosplay Kakashi.

And I added you to my friend list.

Oh Yeah! I remember these last year! Koi so rocks!

*waves* Good to find you!

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