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(no subject)
I updated my Hiei and Kurama story. The sequel is coming along, I got another chapter of it written. The Depth Of Demon Bonds is completely typed up and now saved on my computer. There are 32 chapters with an 11 page epilogue so I guess there are actually 33 chapters. I was so sad when I finished typing it. It was because my story was over. I would like to get a beta reader if anyone wants to volunteer. It means you would get to see the chapter a week before anyone else too. Anyway if you would like to do it just post it in a review and then I will email you. Thanks a lot on with the story and please don’t forget to review.

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I'm Reading your Hiei and Kurama story

I am reading your stories, I have found them on AFF and I love it but I am reading them out of order because I can't seem to find all of your stories. I am missing stories 1, 5-11. I've got The depths of demon Bonds, The heights of Demon Love, The 1st day together, Oh baby, Lost and Gone, The talk, and Pain’s Redemptions. If you would not mind sending me the link to the other stories I would greatly appreciate it. My ussername is miamoretorch and my e-mail address is Michaelle_Torchon@yahoo.com. I've been searching for the rest of those stories like crazy. I can't wait to read the finished story of Pain's redemptions. You are a great writer. If you would not mind letting me know when you do finish, I would really appreciate it.


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